In 1992, the company SLE electronic GmbH (Ltd) was founded in Grafenau (District: Lower Bavaria). Within a few years, SLE electronic developed to be a world-wide supplier of leading quality assurance systems within the range of the wrap connection and the cable harness production.

In the last years, further emphasis has been placed in the area of surface-technology on high-quality coating and finishing preservation systems at SLE electronic.

Beyond that we concentrate on product expansion of integrated solutions of surface cleaning in industrial manufacturing: Water basis cleaning systems, which can be used everywhere - effectively and environmentally friendly.

The quality and environmental policy of our business states that holistic quality can only be provided if balanced with environmental protection: Therefore SLE electronic operates an effective management system in accordance with the standards ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001.

Apart from manufacturing and developing technologically advanced products,
SLE electronic offers its business partners comprehensive service with installation and maintenance of our machines. And: error prevention has priority over error correction!

A huge plus for our company consist of 90 SLE employees. They are highly qualified in their fields and are continuously advancing due to consecutive training. Our corporate culture, which relies on teamwork and "Lean Management”, allows our employees to feel like being a part of the constantly growing SLE electronic family – and they thank us with their exceptional work performance and their high motivation.

In addition to the local consolidation of suppliers, business relations in Europe, the USA and Asia have made us competitive and responsive on the international market. Joint venture participation has furthermore strengthened international customer contacts. The SLE electronic location in the “Bavarian forest” does not represent a problem, since the Munich International Airport is attainable in only 90 minutes.